Trauma-Informed Community of Practice

A Trauma-Informed, Rights-Based Community of Practice

The With You Legal Assistance Sector Trauma-Informed Community of Practice is a collaborative initiative between the National Legal Aid With You training project, Law Right and Community Legal Western Australia.

Monthly Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 3pm AEST/AEDT discussing topics relevant to trauma-informed legal assistance. This Community of Practice shares trauma-informed strategies for legal practice, fosters collaboration, advances best practices and provides sector-wide resources in trauma-informed legal assistance. The Community of Practice have trauma-informed Ways of Working.

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Recordings from the Trauma-Informed Community of Practice

Trauma-Informed Lawyering with Sophie Taylor

Lived Experience Work in the Australian Legal Assistance Sector

Vicarious Trauma for Lawyers with Anne Mainsbridge

Supporting Veterans with Jasmine Stanton

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